Debevec Abstract

Computational Illumination for Photoreal Digital Actors
Paul Debevec
Senior Staff Engineer, Google VR
Adjunct Research Professor,Institute for Creative Technologies, University of Southern California

In less than a decade, the ability to render a photorealistic animated human face has gone from being an unfathomable challenge to something soon to be taken for granted.  In this talk, I’ll describe the design and implementation of the various Light Stage Systems at UC Berkeley and the USC Institute for Creative Technologies for Image-Based Relighting, High-Res Polarized Gradient Facial Scanning, High-Fidelity Performance Capture, and Multispectral Lighting Reproduction.  The techniques have been used in recent films such as Gravity, Maleficent, Logan, Furious 7, The Jungle Book, and Rogue One and to create a 3D portrait of President Barack Obama.